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Cradle for Newland N7 mobile terminal

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Cradle for Newland N7 mobile terminal

Cradle for Newland N7 mobile terminal


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Newland N7 (4G) mobile terminal


Premium screen resolution technology

the 4-inch HD display features high clarity and low reflection to give you a crystal-clear picture even in sunlight. The touchscreen is responsive when wearing gloves and maintains sensitivity even with wet hands. For extra protection, Gorilla Glass 3 makes the N7 Cachalot Pro more robust and resistant to damage, making it the perfect companion even in dusty, wet environments.

Recommended for Android Enterprise (AER)

"The N7 Cachalot Pro carries Google's AER seal of approval, indicating that it keeps pace with performance and security updates to the operating system and key features.

Fast charging, high-capacity and fast battery replacement
"The N7 Cachalot Pro supports fast charging of the 5100mAh battery and is easily replaceable.

Efficient scanning

"The N7 Cachalot Pro offers ultra-high efficiency scanning. The standard range version with acuscan provides standard, accurate scanning of close or smaller codes. The mid-range version can read codes from boxes and pallets further away.

User-friendly design
The N7 Cachalot Pro gives you a choice of 29, 38 and 47 keypad options (not including side scan buttons). Each of the three configurations is backlit for high visibility in dark working environments.

See and hear

"The N7 Cachalot Pro performs well in noisy environments. Audio notifications can be adjusted accordingly. When sound is not wanted or not enough, the device has vibration and LED colour feedback.

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